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Welcome to the new Stone Edge website!

1st November 2018

Welcome to the new Stone Edge website… come on in, make yourself at home and have a good look round.  We’ve given it a real old shake-up, with an all new colour palette and fresh approach to the content.  We wanted to capture the essence of Stone Edge, with details of recently completed projects and news about what we’re working on at the moment.  Above all, we’ve tried to convey how we approach our work.  I hope that comes across.  We care about heritage, traditional craftsmanship, customer service and, of course quality.  How things look is really important to us here.  We think this fresh new site looks great and we hope you do too.

Our blog is the new space we’ll be using to talk about the things that make us tick.  There will be ‘long reads’ about the special projects that have really got under our skin and articles from the team about their areas of knowledge and interest.  We have an amazing band of experts who are passionate about this sector.  (And we have a few very lovely geeks on board, who we may wheel out from time to time too!).

As it looks as though I get to go first; hello, I’m Josephine Winder the Business Development Manager.  I’ve been with the company for almost a year and can genuinely say I love my job.  I spend my time in the head office in Skipton and, whenever I get the chance, out and about around the country.  Visiting a live job is always a thrill, particularly if it’s one that I’ve been involved with since the original enquiry came in to the business.  I also really enjoy site visits with the estimating team, which are absolutely essential to make sure we put together a strong tender submission.  Bid writing (and the dreaded PQQ’s) take up a large part of my time and I’m getting used to the emotional roller coaster that is the tender process.  Well, perhaps not an emotional roller coaster, but it definitely has its ups and downs.

I also look after the marketing activity for Stone Edge, which has included a new brochure this year – I firmly believe there’s no substitute for a piece of classy print.  (If you’d like a copy, just get in touch and we’ll pop one in the post, or you can download it from the Contact Us page.)

We thought long and hard about the best approach to this new website.  We want our Portfolio to provide relevant information to our clients about what’s going on in the business now.  To that end, we haven’t overloaded it with old case studies – we’re keeping the focus on recently completed work.  This could be a multi-million-pound masonry and roofing project or maybe a sensitive church re-ordering.  Either way, every job is different and has its own idiosyncrasies and points of interest.  If you’d like to find out more, just get in touch.  We’re a friendly bunch and we love talking about what we do.


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