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We provide high standard work on projects across the UK. From listed buildings, stately homes, churches and schools to commercial property, residential homes, memorials and monuments.

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Stone Edge is a building restoration and conservation company, operating throughout the UK.

Our skilled teams carry out work of the highest standard on listed buildings, commercial city centre properties, churches, stately homes, government buildings and ancient scheduled monuments.

Our reputation is built on a wealth of experience of stone, brick and timber-framed buildings.
We have a deep respect for the heritage and, above all, a passion for quality.


  • Traditional stonemasonry and lime mortars
  • Façade cleaning
  • Roofing repair and replacement
  • Joinery repairs
  • Architectural leadwork
  • Faience and terracotta
  • Structural stabilisation
  • Conservation of decorative metalwork and bronze work
  • Decorative fibrous plaster
  • Surveys and dilapidation reports

Façade Cleaning and Repair

Stone Edge specialises in all aspects of stone cleaning, stone restoration and stone repairs. Specialist stone façade cleaning is a complex process and we utilise state-of-the-art systems and methodologies to ensure the best possible results. Mistakes were made in well-intentioned, but misinformed, restoration works during the last century. It is crucial that the correct method of cleaning is chosen.

We carry out initial trials and analysis on the nature of soiling and assess the extent of deterioration before selecting which method, or combination, should be used.

We are skilled in the following techniques:

  • Multiple nebulous water sprays for limestone façade
  • Hot water vacuum system (internal works)
  • Stonehealth Jos/TORC vortex cleaning system
  • Stonehealth DOFF, utilising low-pressure steam cleaning system
  • Poultice cleaning, for delicate tooled areas and where water is not permissible

“I would not hesitate to work again with Stone Edge Ltd. Their combination of high standards, good management, project commitment and willingness to become involved is exactly what is needed in the often tricky – and sometimes difficult – world of historic building conservation”

Traditional Stonemasonry
and Lime Mortars

Stone Edge’s stonemasons have created many remarkable pieces of hand-carved stonemasonry and are able to replicate, on carefully sourced stone, virtually any detail required. Stone restoration, stone cleaning, stone repairs and lime mortars are the very essence of Stone Edge’s building conservation and restoration projects. Natural lime-based stone mortars and renders are far superior products and essential in the correct repair and construction of historical stone-built façades. Stone Edge is a huge advocate of these traditional products and methods, with an experienced team dedicated solely to lime pointing, renders and mortar repairs.

Accuracy and attention to detail is fundamental to Stone Edge. Our team of stonemasons regularly undertakes site surveys to record dimensions, complex profiles and features of the stoneworks. These surveys are then translated using AutoCAD for the purposes of approval and manufacture. This could be for the replacement or repair of an individual stone unit, or the production of a full replicated version of a particular scheme. Drawings are produced for all work including cleaning, pointing, takedown and building restoration projects. For both new-build and stone restoration projects, a complete manufacture package is available, including the production of general drawings together with cross referenced detail sheets and cutting lists.

Faience and Terracotta

Terracotta and faience are often the most decorative part of our historic building heritage. To ensure we preserve these building elements, careful maintenance is key for long term preservation.

If not maintained, terracotta and faience will deteriorate over time, including material spalling, cracking, glaze crazing and rust staining from failed anchoring points. Repairs need to be carried out in a careful and considerate manner. Our reputation in this specialist field has resulted in notable conservation projects, including the former Royal Insurance Building in Liverpool and the recently completed Smethwick Council House. We offer sound advice on how to protect and conserve these Victorian kiln products, including correct cleaning methods, and more importantly, those methods to avoid.

“Stone Edge are among a small group of contractors with building conservation skills and the capacity to carry out new build construction well. They work with great sensitivity in historic contexts”

Roofing Repair and Replacement

Work to the roof of a historic building requires a different approach from conservation work to other parts of its fabric. Inevitably, more of the structure has to be replaced than when working on the walls of the building. When appropriate we repair but, when it is necessary to replace, we respect the original design and detailing. Stone Edge is able to undertake the repair or replacement of heritage roofs of all types and complexities

Joinery Repairs

Timber-framing is sometimes dismissed as a liability but can prove remarkably durable, as shown by the survival of many centuries-old examples. When problems occur they are frequently down to poor maintenance, or unsuitable alterations, and fall into two main categories:

  • Decay from beetle or fungal attack due to dampness, for example when protective render is removed, particularly from south-west facing walls, or a cementitious rather than lime-based render is applied.
  • Distortion from overloading or the removal of frame members such as studs, for example

When problems occur, Stone Edge offers repairs to the timbers based around the sound conservation philosophy of maximum retention of the original and minimal intervention.

“This work has played an important part in bringing new life to one of the largest listed
buildings in this unique conservation area”

Conservation Of Decorative Metalwork and Bronze Work

Cleaning and conservation of architectural metalwork and bronze is a specialist trade and one that we often take on as part of the principal contract package.

In today’s atmospheric conditions, bronze architectural features soon become discoloured, requiring regular inspection and waxing. Stone Edge enjoys a close working relationship with one of the North West’s leading bronzing experts and, consequently, we are happy to include this trade within our scope of services.

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